The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms

In nature, mycelium, the root system beneath any fruiting mushroom, balances and directs the forest, giving what is needed to specific areas, adapting and governing the holistic well-being of the ecosystem. The same balance theory is required for humans to live in holistic, healthy harmony.

Ancient healers of China and Tibet prized revered medicinal mushrooms such as lions mane, reishi, chaga, and cordyceps, in their healing repertoire. There are many well-documented reasons for this. Immunity is on the top of everyone’s minds these days.

Modern life includes pollutants and toxins in food, along with physical and emotional stressors, which, can leave our immune system suppressed and open to infections. It can also lead to an overactive immune system, known as an autoimmune condition. In this case, stimulating immunity can lead to more serious issues. This is where medicinal mushrooms shine.

Medicinal mushrooms contain a host of compounds that promote certain key aspects of the immune system. Powerful immuno-modulators and adaptogens, work to support the immune system exactly as your system needs at the time. This is the healing power of adaptogens!

Just as it isn’t healthy for our heart rate to stay at one pace the same holds true for our immunity. Health is harmony and adaptability, according to what we need at the moment.

Think of health as a conversation, a kind of dance between all the complex internal and external factors and our immune system, where we want to stay in an optimal state of balance and harmony. Variability is the key, and mushrooms are our guide.

Another modern dilemma gone wild is stress. We all know it. We all feel it. We all suffer from it. And this is where the medicinal mushrooms step in again.

Stress is a powerful suppressor of our immune system, and many of us live in a state of chronic stress. This has, unfortunately, become the new normal, and we often dont even realize it.

Medicinal mushrooms help us better manage stress and clean up its effects on the mind-body system, in-turn, allowing our immune systems to strengthen.

Everything is interconnected and interdependent. Immunity affects our energy levels, and stress can affect our cognitive ability all of which affect our biome and vice versa. Our medicinal mushrooms, are a carefully formulated and tested blend of Lions mane for cognitive health, cordyceps for energy levels, reishi for relaxation, chaga as a powerful antioxidant, and the polysaccharides and fibre content act as a prebiotic beneficially for influencing our microbiome. These mushrooms are synergistically woven together in our Complete 360 and Immune 7 blends for stress and immune support.

We treat and grow our mushrooms in a truly holistic manner as we believe nature knows best. The micronized process, keeps the full spectrum integrity of the mushrooms, making them highly absorbable in a concentrated format, just as nature intended.

We all crave sharp minds, calm spirits, and a healthy, robust immune system. Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries to heal, boost energy, and help humanity thrive in nature’s most uncertain times.

PURICA Medicinal Mushrooms

About the Author: PURICA Team


PURICA is a Canadian wellness company that specializes in medicinal mushrooms. PURICA is the coming together of “Pure” and “Care” and their products are inspired by Nature, skillfully formulated natural and whole food products solidly backed by science.